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A.S.I. - Agenzia Spaziale Italiana

The Night of European Researchers at the Italian Space Agency
30th September 2016

Paolo Monti
EduSat 37788
 Track Money. Where’ s George?
InfraTazebAu s'pace. Information in Revolution.
C.G.B. An Epistemologically Propelled Satellite R.F.I.D. Shroud 21’37”

PAOLO MONTI 37788, Arca-Eco – InfraTazebAu s’pace, 2011-2037

“No-one knows the outcome of a path that starts from the union of the perceiver and the perceived – of subject and object – in a single universe”    (Gregory Bateson)

“A universe comes into being when a space is subdivided or eviscerated” and that “boundaries can be drawn anywhere we please”, therefore, from the primeval creative act to distinguish, infinite universes are possible.    (G. Spencer Brown)

Friday 30 September, 2016, during the European Night of Researchers at the Italian Space Agency of Rome-Tor Vergata area office opened to the public. Within the programme initiated by ASI attention is drawn to the participation of the artist Paolo Monti who, for the occasion, will present his audiovisual installation Track Money. Where’s George? in which, with great freedom of language, different material taken from archives for a story-telling, driven towards the future, a propos his research between art and science.

The video-installation occupies 11 windows of the room near the ASI Auditorium, like an allegory of an expanding vision where the multiplicity alongside of the gazes permits a knowledge of the work in all its complexity. It originates from the meta-project InfraTazebAu s'pace. Information in revolution. C.G.B. An epistemologically propelled satellite. R.F.I.D. Shroud 21’37” – where C.G.B. is the acronym of the Circle dedicated to the epistemologist Gregory Bateson to whom the project is dedicated - started in 2005 as an exchange between the populations of the 13 nations crossed along the journey (and the photos which documented the numerous people who signed the bank notes–object treated by Monti testify) which from Venice to Beijing re-traced the Silk Road on the tracks of Marco Polo.

Subsequently, in 2006, in Frascati in the area office of the ESA-ESRIN the astronaut Paolo Nespoli signed one of the many divested bank notes, almost to symbolise that the journey could continue into outer-space. That is how Shroud 21’37” came about, a piece constituted of a bleached-out dollar note that still shows traces of George Washington’s features, placed aboard the micro-satellite in Rome, in June 2011 – a programme of the ASI co-ordinated by G.A.U.S.S. (Astrodynamic Group at Sapienza University of Studies) – and launched into orbit 17 August, 2011, from the space centre at Yasny in Russia.

Paolo Monti, Dollar Shroud, ©2005 Norad ID 37788

«With the creation of this satellite we wanted to unite science with art by installing on board Paolo Monti’s work Sindone 21’ 37”, comprising of a “bleached out” dollar deprived of its symbols which was signed by all of us at Gauss and the artist himself. This work falls into the most ample gamma of Monti’s work that aims at pauperizing money with an aim to transform it from being a symbol of power to one of union» (Chantal Cappelletti, G.A.U.S.S. Project Coordinator)

The satellite EduSAT was elected by Monti for his personal gallery, and first gallery in orbit, in homage to Lucio Fontana’s Spatialism and Yves Klein’s “Volo” (Flight). EduSAT’s flight path is visible in real time thanks to NORAD ID: 37788   www.n2yo.com/?s=37788

In 2015, a twinning was set in motion between the “Gallery in Orbit EduSAT 37788” and the “Pied à Terre” in Rome, a station where it is possible to follow the work-in-progress of the work described in the images classified in “Tassonomie spaziale” (Spatial Taxonomy). There is a future twinning programmed between the Gallery in Orbit 37788 in a sort of “Panopticon for the observation of the Creation”.

The invitation from ASI to host Track Money. Where’s George? during the European Night of Researchers at the Italian Space Agency presents the occasion for his work to be known in all its complexity, involving those who participated in the realisation of the EduSAT project, from its very launching right up to the tracking of the satellite with Sindone 21’37” on board. A look down upon the earth from its sun-synchronous orbit at an altitude of 700 km and speed of 28.000 km/h., 7km/s.

EduSAT is a project which foresees a didactic route for students to approach the world of outer space. The project has contemplated a thick network of collaboration between the Agenzia Spaziale Italiana (Italian Space Agency), high schools (spread over the entire national territory), Ministry of Education of the University and Research, university professors at the Rome University “La Sapienza” (in particular GAUSS – Astrodynamic group) and “Tor Vergata” (in particular the Department of Telecommunication Engineering) and enterprises in the sector (IMT srl – Engineering in Marketing & Technology). www.asi.it/it/educational/a-scuola-di-scienza/progetto-edusat

The exhibition goes side-by-side with a conference in the Cassini Room, co-ordinated by Paolo D’Angelo, scientific journalist and space historian, with the participation of Vito Potente, professor Emeritus and co-ordinator of the EduSAT project for IISS “Marconi” of Bari, Andrea Negri, engineer at IMT srl, Luigi Campanella, distinguished professor and President of MUSIS, Denis Fadda, professor of international law and Président honoraire de l'Académie des Sciences d'outre-mer, Roberto Somma, renowned expert in the field of outer-space, Piero Pala, independent art critic, and concluding with an intervention of the artist himself, Paolo Monti.

The exhibition is dedicated to the last flight in orbit of the Rosetta Mission and to Angioletta Coradini « Lady of the Planets ».  www.asi.it/it/news/notte-dei-ricercatori-al-via



La Notte Europea dei Ricercatori 2016, Venerdì 30 Settembre

Event: Night of Researchers at the Italian Space Agency, 2016
Exhibition: Paolo Monti – Track Money. Where’s George?
Conference: Sala Cassini – 9pm – co-ordinator Paolo D’Angelo
Organizers: ASI – Agenzia Spaziale Italiana/Italian Space Agency
PAOLO MONTI 37788 / 30 IX 2016
Date: Friday 30 September, 2016
Time: From 4pm to 11.59pm
Place: ASI – Via del Politecnico – Rome
Info: Laura Rossi +39 338 8107315


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