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COMPLUS EVENTS - Piero Pala - Roma

Thursday, 15th November 2018 inauguration of the project by artist
Paolo Monti 37788 "Wave Front - Invisible Cloak" curator Piero Pala
at the Contemporary Cluster - within the Bauhaus Club Project
(curator Giacomo Guidi)

Paolo Monti 37788 "Wave Front - Invisible Cloak" curator Piero Pala

The installation "Performative kaleidoscope of sound and light waves generates strange attractors in endless feedback" consists in a wave-front generated by a video source, which propagates the images of the wave-like perturbation, projected from its rear in a reflective tunnel. The video, realized in analogue without the use of post-processing, transmits the succession of self-generating processes in harmonic retroaction. The feedback of dynamic sequences - triggered by coherent oscillations of sound and light waves - determines the synchronous of sound and images reminiscent of the self-similarity of fractal geometry.

Visitors are welcome to enter into the tunnel and experience being enveloped by the propagation of images on the mirrored surfaces. The visitor-participants, wearing a Mylar mirroring cloak, reflect the images until they evanesce into a stochastic holographic camouflage. A context of interaction in which the participant spontaneously gives life to an open systemic event - procedural and dynamic - where every experience becomes personal and the work generates as many points of view as the visitors that interact.

A closed circuit television system integrally exposes, from multiple points of view, the exhibition for its entire duration. Visitors then have the opportunity to re-live the experience in the tunnel, transferring their own self-portrait into a historical memory.

Curator: Piero Pala ● Dynamic Montage: Giovanni D'Aloia
 ● Music: Maurizio Martusciello MartuX ● Promotion: Marco Antonio Ricco Pintos
 ● Organization: Laura Rossi

Via dei Barbieri, 7 00186 Rome

15th November until 21st December 2018
Inauguration: Thursday, 15th November 2018 from 6 pm until midnight

fronte-d-onda-invisible-cloak / Paolo Monti
"Caleidoscopio performativo di onde sonore e luminose genera
attrattori strani in retroazione infinita"
a cura di Piero Pala



paolo monti
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